Friday, 29 August 2014

My Statement Following The Resignation Of Crawley's Only UKIP Councillor

"UKIP have a very poor record generally as elected representatives. I publicly called for Karl Williamson to resign in February as I and many other councillors felt that since he became a UKIP Councillor, he hadn't been performing the role of a councillor for some time. He refused.

Had he resigned in April, a by-election could have been held at the same time as the existing election in May at no extra cost to the taxpayer. This is what I wanted to happen. If a by-election were now to happen, it would take place in October and the elected councillor would serve less than seven months before their election came up again.

When there are already two existing councillors for Southgate, residents would rightly question whether the Council spending several thousand pounds of taxpayers money was the right thing to do when the seat comes up again in less than seven month’s time."

The Chairman of what remains of Crawley UKIP, disgraced former Conservative Lee Gilroy of reported £42,000 of unpaid County Court Judgements fame, has since said to the Crawley Observer that I know that UKIP would be second in any by-election and the Conservatives third. Really? As ever, he is all bluster and no facts. This is the result on May the 22nd this year when he as the UKIP candidate came third despite the benefit to UKIP of the European elections on the same day.


Anonymous said...

Good to see ukip finished in Crawley

Jane S said...

And now the Chairman Lee Gilroy has quit as well. What a shower!

John said...

Deceitful bailiff-dodger Gilroy caught lying again. He said UKIP would finish second but UKIP finished a poor third in the by-election with their vote falling by 6%. Labour's vote went up by 9% and the Tory vote was up by 6%.