Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Voting UKIP Gets You Labour In Crawley

It is well-known that voting UKIP (a party that doesn’t have a single MP and has never elected a single Councillor in Crawley - and never will) enables Labour to prosper. This happened this year in Crawley when Labour took control of Crawley Borough Council with just over a third of the votes across the town.

How Crawley voted in the 2014 local elections 

As you can see, Crawley has a right-of-centre absolute majority. The UKIP vote was inflated because of the European Elections at the same time and obviously it will hugely reduce next year, but it is still very clear that voting UKIP will get you Labour in what is (and always has been) a two-horse race in Crawley.

I guess voting UKIP is fine if you want Ed Miliband as Prime Minister, a Crawley Labour MP who would be out of his depth, reckless borrowing and spending, and to have no say on our future membership of the European Union, but I’d like David Cameron as PM, Henry Smith as our MP, a sound economy and for the British people to decide their own future in Europe.

If just one in nine of those who voted UKIP in 2014 had voted Conservative, the Conservatives would have won the most votes in Crawley this year. Had two in three done so, the Conservatives would have had an absolute majority of over 50% of the vote. The message is very clear in Crawley - vote UKIP get Labour or vote Conservative and get Conservative. 

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Eve Crook said...

Very true. If you are worried about immigration, the EU, the economy, jobs, pensions, the NHS etc etc, then please vote CONSERVATIVE! Ukip have good intentions but they can't give you what you want. So please don't throw your vote away this May 2015.