Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Crawley Labour's Council Tax Bombshell

Below is a Conservative Group press release issued after last week's Full Council at Crawley Borough Council where Labour voted down our Budget Strategy Amendment to maintain a balanced budget in each of the next three years. This is exactly what they used to do before 2006 when Crawley last had a Labour Council. They would consistently put back the date that they planned to balance the budget. In the end, it took a Conservative Council to do it. Labour just never learn...

Labour in Crawley mirror the national party - they never learn!
The Conservative opposition at Crawley Borough Council have warned of a “Council Tax Bombshell” being stored up for the future after the controlling Labour group voted down a Conservative amendment to continue to balance the Council’s Budget in each of the next three years at last week’s Full Council meeting.
The Council’s Budget Strategy sets out the Council’s financial policy direction for future budgets. The previous Conservative Administration had a policy of living within the Council’s means while not raising Council Tax which meant that expenditure did not exceed income, known as a balanced budget. This was the existing position for this year’s Council Budget.

At the Full Council meeting, the new Labour Administration ditched this policy, hoping that they might be able to deliver a balance budget in three years’ time. In response, the Conservatives tabled an amendment calling for the Council’s Budget to continue to be balanced in each of the next three years.
Conservative Leader Cllr Duncan Crow (Furnace Green) said “Some of what is in the budget strategy are Conservative policies and I am pleased Labour are implementing our policies and accepting the Conservative-led Government’s grant for a fifth successive Council Tax freeze next year. However, by having no aspiration to balance the budget and with only a vague reference to balance it in three years’ time, we are concerned that the current sound financial position of the Council is at risk and that Labour risk storing up a Council Tax Bombshell that Crawley residents will have to pay for in the future.”

The concerns of Conservative Councillors were echoed by Crawley MP Henry Smith who said “If Crawley residents want an idea of what a future Labour Government would be like with the public finances, they do not have to look very far. Almost immediately, a new Labour controlled Crawley Borough Council has decided to stop living within its means and is risking the creation of a financial mess for Crawley Council Tax payers in the future.”

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Anonymous said...

The party that used to prioritise education learns nothing. As a consequence of their failure to maintain a balanced budget in Crawley, they will sit on £100 million of 'reserves' (your money) making just 1% instead of investing it in the town. Incredibly, when they speak on this subject, they do so with excessive confidence to mask their basic lack of understanding of local government finance.

Bob Lanzer