Thursday, 16 January 2014

Exposed Again - The Plagiarism Sham of Crawley UKIP Councillor Karl Williamson's Crawley Observer Column

Last weekend, I arguably did the job of local journalists for them, by exposing the plagiarism sham of UKIP Crawley Councillor Karl Williamson and his copy-and-paste Crawley Observer weekly column. I evidenced how every single column in the last six weeks, as well as previous columns, had been copied and pasted from the UKIP national website or from Nigel Farage’s column in the Daily Express.

As a courtesy, I emailed the Crawley Observer at the weekend to inform them I was running the story, and that I had discovered their readers were being deceived. I also mentioned that they were reproducing the Daily Express without crediting or referencing them, or indeed Nigel Farage.

Several days later, I've had no reply to my email whatsoever from the Crawley Observer. I find this lack of response somewhat ironic as just last Thursday at 12.09pm; a senior reporter from the Crawley Observer emailed me asking a couple of questions about Council matters. She asked for me to respond by noon on Friday, less than 24 hours after she had sent her email. I not only replied, but I also met her requested deadline.

Yesterday, another weekly edition of the Crawley Observer came out and incredibly, despite my exposure of this plagiarism sham, we have yet another cut-and-paste plagiarised column from UKIP Crawley Councillor Karl Williamson. This time, he has copied two different articles from the national UKIP website and pasted them together!

As well as providing links, I have reproduced below both of the copied UKIP articles in their entirety. Within both of the articles, I have highlighted in purple (and additions in red) what is word for word this week’s Cllr Karl Williamson UKIP Crawley Observer ‘local’ column. I have shown all his edits - strikethroughs in black for what he omitted and I’ve used red for the four words he has added. Basically, he has copied the first article minus the final sentence, and then added the first half of the second UKIP article to ‘create’ this week’s Crawley Observer column.